Age Management

“It is never early and never late until it’s too late”

Revolutionary Age Management therapies are designed to empower your body’s vital functions and to put you back in control of your aging process. The comprehensive approach to hormone optimizing and balancing, exercise, and nutrition will help you achieve results; results that can turn back the clock 10 to 20 years, slowdown or reverse the aging process, deter the causes of disease, and optimize health as you age. With state-of-the art comprehensive testing and analysis, Thomas Redner, MD Board Certified Physician, will pinpoint any hormonal or nutritional and metabolic deficiencies you may have and design a customized program that meets your individual needs.

The mission to help patients struggling with chronic illnesses and declines associated with aging is to assist the body to regenerate and repair itself. RIH provides the highest quality therapeutic products, innovation and social responsibility by using cutting-edge medicine.