Inflamm-aging & Immunity


“Inflamm-aging refers to the constant cascade of processes resulting in low grade systemic inflammation also called silent inflammation. We “inflamm-age” from the time we are born. Our candles burn in different intensity and speed. The speed our candle burns can be controlled and managed by our lifestyle.

“Reduce inflammation to treat the root of many issues. If your gut isn't working right it can cause so many other issues.”

Jay Woodman 

     What are some causes of Chronic Inflammation?

  1. Persistent exposure to pathogens/infection causing ongoing production of leukocytes. (white blood cells)

  2. Autoimmune reactions (whether by genetic potential or damaged cells) which cause immune cells to activate, increasing production of inflammatory cell signaling proteins called cytokines.

  3. Weakened ability of the body to remove wastes and debris causing a subsequent increase in free radicals  signaling damaging messages to the immune system.

  4. Increase in toxicity by way of compromised detoxification pathways in the liver, or the very common altered gut microbiota and leaky gut wall which causes the re-circulation of wastes back into the bloodstream. These toxins and wastes again trigger the immune-inflammatory cascade of reactions

  5. Infection and activation of viruses such as EBV that can be associated with accelerated aging and increased deterioration of the immune system, showing as a loss of immune/antigen memory, surveillance, and overactive innate immune responses.