vitruvianDR. THOMAS REDNER is Board Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and a member of the Board of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. He has 22 years experience in the Harvard Medical School Hospital system as an anesthesiologist and pain specialist. His current practice focuses on “Integral Wellness & Age Management”. Before his emmigration to USA in 1979 Dr. Redner practiced as a General and Trauma Surgeon in former Czechoslovakia where he earned Board Certification in Surgery. In 2003 Dr. Redner also became a certified Accupuncturist through his studies at UCLA with Dr. Joseph Helms.

WHAT IS OPTIMAL HEALTH? While there are many opportunities to live full and happy lives we waste our potential by lack of awareness,  lack of discipline and by submission to the pressures of our civilization. The duality of life is connecting known with unknown. We meet the mystery of living another day with an incessant hope that somehow we will live long and well. Integral health opens our awareness and the opportunity to challenge the old medical paradigm: Wait until you are sick and then go to see a doctor. The optimal health medical practice, with evidence based knowledge, forms the basis for a proactive, preventative approach.