Thyroid Screen and Brachioradial Reflex Testing by Thyroflex

The test reflects thyroid hormones activity at the cellular level. The recognition of thyroid dysfunction with normal thyroid hormone levels is the key to the treatment of many degenerative diseases of modern age. Tissue resistance to the hormones and/or decreased effectivness due to different toxicities and stress often result in ill defined but pronounced morbidities. Thyroflex test together with Thyrodine Quantitative Iodine Fluid assessment gives  the clinician a veritable clinical picture of the thyroid condition.

Ultrasound Examination of Carotid Arteries – IMT by Heart Smart Technologies

This test measures the thickness of the carotid arterial wall, evaluates the amount and character of the plaque build up and establishes the degree of stenosis at the different levels of carotid anatomy. The results reflect level of health  of  important arteries in your body; namely your carotids, coronary and brain arteries and place client in 1 of 5 categories  of vascular risk.

Bone Mineral Density and Body Fat Analysis, with Body Fat Distribution Measurement by Dexa Scan Technology.

The epidemics of obesity and disruption of metabolic processes due to the diet, lack of exercise, stress and multiple toxicities are the major causes of morbidity and mortality in the modern age. The scan is a very safe  procedure with ultra minimum radiation. Its relevance to menopause, andropause, smoking, obesity and associated degenerative pre-disease states and vitamin deficiencies cannot be overemphasized. (available in the near future at our facility).

Physical Endurance and Maximum Performance Testing.

This is a complex evaluation and assessment of your conditioning and of the capacity of your cardiovascular pulmonary and muscular systems to maintain and improve your peak state of wellness. Included in this evaluation is VO2max assessment by Korr Ergometer, postural measurement, standard exercise measurement i.e. push ups, abdominal crunches, flexibility, hand grip dynamometry. (available at our facility in near future.)


Most of the testing will be done by Metametrix, Quest Laboratories or Lab Corp.