About INTEGRAL Health.

INTEGRAL Health is a comprehensive look at healing the whole person. This method that was developed by Dr. Redner allows him to take the full scope of his clients presented illness into account, and come up with a tailored and personalized treatment plan. Through different practices, Dr. Redner helps his clients change their Lifestyle, incorporate Exercise and a Healthy Diet into their daily routines, and considers different Genetic factors. It’s Dr. Redner’s mission to heal the whole person, not just the specific problem presented.

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The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.
— John F. Kennedy





Step One

This information reflects the perception of your physical and mental health. It also captures significant events in your health profile and offers information to the physician. Information is  placed  in context with the In Depth Laboratory Screen and Diagnostic Assessment.

In Depth Laboratory Screen
Step Two

Includes important biomarkers of aging, biomarkers of silent inflammation and metabolic syndrome. It also includes comprehensive lipid profile called VAP and other independent risk factors of cardiovascular health. Equally important is the hormonal profile for men and women, heavy metal screen and important vitamin levels.

Diagnostic Assessment
Step Three

Detailed Physical Examination is performed together with the interpretation of the Laboratory Screen and the  questionnaire. Physical examination is done by the physician either before but ideally after questionnaire responses and receipt of the laboratory test results.



The people that I treat are not patients, they are clients as most of them show tendencies towards disease which did not show yet . I work with my clients towards functional solutions to the presented problems as the answers unfold.


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